Personal motivation

I believe that the pursuit of a fulfilling life involves mastering skills and embracing challenges as catalysts for happiness. However, this often requires us to step outside of our comfort zones, as the things we pursue are not always natural and may require a lot of failures before we succeed. Some of my interests have required a lot of failing and persistence to achieve.


Learning to dance has always been a long-term goal of mine, but as someone born with two left feet and no rhythm, it took me a long time to even step onto the dance floor. However, I firmly believe in the theory of 10,000 hours by Malcolm Gladwell, so I decided to start taking salsa classes. Little did I know, it would change my life. For six months, I traveled for work and spent every spare moment tapping and counting beats. I even had to redo the beginners' course four times. But my persistence finally paid off, and dancing has become a hobby that I enjoy several times a week after work. Video is of me learning Cuban Salsa.


I'm a huge fan of Ahlthen X and Jeff Nippard's YouTube channels because they provide valuable education on the correct methodologies for training the body for longevity. I primarily use the push-pull-legs combination with compound exercises to ensure that my body can handle the physical strains of modern work environments.


Economics has been an interest of mine since I bought my first stock through my father at the age of 13. It's not just about making a lot of money, but also understanding the primary motivators and drivers in society. One of my favorite books of all time is 'The Millionaire Next Door', which studies the lifestyles of the actual wealthy in the USA. Although economics has been an unhealthy obsession in the past, it has since settled into a more moderate interest that I enjoy through the 'Economics Explained' YouTube channel and by rebalancing my personal portfolio.


"Yoga is one of my most recent hobbies. I picked it up last summer after being recommended it for a long time. I manage to practice it twice a week and it helps me get a consistent stretch, alleviating a lot of stiffness from my desk job. The added benefit is that I feel like I'm floating on a cloud afterwards.


I grew up playing video games and some of my fondest memories are from LAN parties playing Counter-Strike or games like Halo and Diablo 2 with family and friends. When the lockdown hit, it felt like a blast from the past as everyone I knew started playing Warzone. Good times!


Grabbing a cup of coffee with friends or family at a coffee shop, or just sitting down and watching people rush by, can be almost meditative for me. It has become a great way to break up my day.


I have many other interests that I already pursue or wish to pursue in the future, but these are the few that I engage with consistently. I usually engage in at least one physical activity per day, and although I rarely feel excited beforehand, I never regret it after going.


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